Tina Thurston is someone with an accumulation of experiences and gifts through which she hopes to connect with like minded people. Her childhood in the foster care system as a ward of the state in California has given her the ability to relate to those who may feel displaced in life.  She turned to writing as a comfort through journal writing and composing poetry.  As of the launch of this website (2016), Tina has self published two books.  The first, published in 2015, is an illustrated children’s book; one that she says she wished she had as a child, “Rose Marie Lynn and her Fallen Feline Friend” which can be purchased on her site: https://tinathurston.com/.  Her most recent publication, (Sept. 2016), is a compilation of poetry gathered from her thirty years of journal writing, “Connected to Source, a Journey of Experience” can be purchased in the books section of this site. .  She has immersed herself in life and all its complex yet enlightening adventures of survival to a place of peace and self love.  She shares with you, one woman’s journey of experience.